Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen started her professional life as a glassblower and then studied Art and Design with an emphasis on glass. She has since switched to working on paper both as an artist and illustrator.  Her illustration clients include Oxford University Press, the Open University and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

She is also involved in collaborative work, creating visual content to support and accompany creative workshops in the civil service and public sector.

Following the success of a recent exhibition in London, Beatrice has been able to redress the balance of her activities in favour of producing original prints, drawings and limited edition giclee prints.

Oh nearly forgot to mention that Beatrice (that's me) has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birkbeck College.  She has worked in Discourse Analysis and Second Language Acquisition and has a special interest in the pragmatics of near-native speaker interactions.


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